Some projects may require the use of special materials. Techniques can be done on any pottery piece. Specific pieces are subject to each studio's availability. Please call the studio to ask about doing this project today!

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Freehold Tea Time Mug

Tea Time Mug

Freehold Sunshine Day Plate

Sunshine Day Plate

Freehold Lemon Platter

Lemon Platter

Freehold Rainbow Prism Mug

Rainbow Prism Mug

Freehold Lemon Square Tile

Lemon Square Tile

Freehold Leafy Vase

Leafy Vase

Freehold Flower Vase

Flower Vase

Freehold Dreamer Travel Mug

Dreamer Travel Mug

Freehold Be Kind Vase

Be Kind Vase

Freehold Armadillo Plate

Armadillo Plate

Freehold Leaf Ring Holder

Leaf Ring Holder

Freehold Tye Dye Cup

Tye Dye Cup

Freehold Raccoon Plate

Raccoon Plate

Freehold Skunk Plate

Skunk Plate

Freehold Flower Plate

Flower Plate

Freehold Love is Love

Love is Love

Freehold Love and Kindness

Love and Kindness

Freehold Fawn Plate

Fawn Plate

Freehold Owl Plate

Owl Plate

Freehold Squirrel Plate

Squirrel Plate

Freehold Fox Plate

Fox Plate

Freehold Bearable Plate

Bearable Plate

Freehold Whale Love Plate

Whale Love Plate

Freehold Sloth Smile Plate

Sloth Smile Plate