How it works!

No Reservations and No Experience are necessary!

Color Me Mine is a walk-in studio and no reservations are required.  If you are a group of 5 or more painters please call the studio at 732-780-7811 and we will take a reservation for you! We have  500+ different bisque options for you to choose from. Our bisque selection ranges from banks, adult and child figurines, outdoor figurines, kitchen items (which are all food safe) and other useful items.  Once you select your ceramic you then chose your paint colors, this is the fun part, with paints called under-glazes! After you paint you leave it with us, Color Me Mine Team members hand dip your pieces in a clear glaze and then fire it in the kiln! This turns your white bisque piece painted with glaze into an official ceramic masterpiece.  Your works of art will be wrapped and ready for you to pick up 7-10 days after you paint. Our pricing is a $7 Studio Fee for ages under 12 and $9 for 13 yrs. and older,  plus the price of the ceramic. Your Studio Fee is good for all day, includes your Glaze and Firing Fee, and unlimited colors to paint with.  You may stay as long as you like, no time limits (except that we will kick you out at closing). Our studio is open for Walk-Ins Mon-Sat 10am-9:30pm and Sun 11pm-7pm. We ask that our painters refrain from painting 15 minutes before closing.  But  don’t worry, if you are not finished you may bring your ceramic home with you and return to our studio another day to finish it and not pay your studio fee again!